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I specialize in holistic health services for middle-aged individuals facing health challenges. I motivate, encourage and assist you in embracing a lifestyle that nurtures self-healing and robust wellness.

What did you do for me? I had a wonderful, calm, peaceful trip. It is as if I brought the peace and tranquility of Maui with me. I feel connected to that something that I’m always hoping...

Judy Walker

Expert Guidance for Lasting Results

I offer comprehensive, holistic health and wellness coaching backed by certified experience, personalized attention, healing insights, and compassion. Participate in results-based programs that re-power your capacity and ability for self-healing.

Thank you again for the two powerful healing sessions.Your knowledge and skills, your presence and compassion and your powerful intuitive channeling was the best I could have asked for. During that sensitive transitional period,


Trust in Certified Wellness

I am consistently dependable, providing experiential, results-based outcomes. Join our growing community of conscious middle-aged individuals realizing sustained self-healing and robust wellness.

Working with Christo the past five years has been a transformative life experience. He is highly professional, compassionate, and very intuitive....

Yvonne Lewis

Ready to embark on your wellness journey?

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Vitalize Harmonize Health Coaching provides health and wellness coaching services across Bowie MD, Ashland, Yreka, White City, Shady Cove, and Grants Pass.