About Vitalize And Harmonize Health Coaching

Hello and Welcome! I am master coach and healer Christo Pellani. I founded Vitalize and Harmonize Health Coaching in 2012 to provide effective health and wellness coaching to help people overcome chronic health challenges through consistent guidance and support. My intention is to motivate, inspire,  encourage, and assist you with improving the quality of your life, to enhance your personal power, and actualize your innate potential for self-healing and rejuvenation. Following my methods will deepen your awareness, knowledge, and understanding of harmonizing your nervous system, balancing energy, and overcoming anxiety and stress.

Vitalize and Harmonize was realized when my deep passion for the healing arts converged with a spiritual calling, where I discovered that healthy transformation occurs by combining personalized results based coaching protocols and strategies with sound, movement, rhythm, and energy healing techniques. This unique, innovative method offers an exciting new holistic paradigm and re-powers you to experience sustainable, robust health. At Vitalize Harmonize Health my motto is "the BEST HEALTH Care is SELF care."

My mission is to design and facilitate personalized comprehensive health coaching plans and protocols for managing and transcending stressful health obstacles. I provide effective practices and resources to help you achieve your goal of an optimum wellness lifestyle. My clients choose me because I am thorough, experienced, insightful, dependable, and certified. I meet you where you are, and together, we will envision successful outcomes and co-create your functional wellness plan. This unique holistic health coaching approach Vitalizes and Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness components.

VITALIZE and HARMONIZE Coaching provides reliable, results-based coaching techniques to overcome and transform health challenges, including:

  1. Body inflexibility and pain
  2. Hormone Imbalances
  3. Inflammation
  4. Diet, Nutrition, and Weight Management
  5. Stagnant energy flow and circulation
  6. Fatigue and low libido
  7. Brain fog and concentration
  8. Emotional Anxiety and Stress

About Christo Pellani:

Christo is recognized internationally as a master Health and Wellness Coach, sound & energy healer, rhythm awareness drum circle facilitator, educator, and expressive therapist. He founded Soundformation Healing Arts Academy in 2000, and Vitalize and Harmonize Health Coaching in 2012,  where his mission includes facilitating human potential by blending protocols for robust health and wellness coaching with principles of rhythm, sound, and movement therapies. Christo specializes in personalized comprehensive health coaching services for middle aged people with health challenges 

Christo provides evolutionary therapeutic arts services for individuals, schools, retreats, and conferences through unique experiential classes, seminars, ceremonies, and workshops. He also creates and produces critically acclaimed therapeutic sound healing and meditation recordings. 

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Christo authored an interactive sound healing curriculum, “Living Adventures through Sound,” and he is a certified Tama-Do tm practitioner and instructor. He held a residency as a Sound and Vibration healing instructor for the California Academy for the Healing Arts since 2001, and has staff affiliations with many healing arts institutions including The New Century Foundation, Medicine Dance, Men’s Center of Los Angeles, The Entheogen Institute, Sierra By The Sea Recovery Center, We Spark, Foundation for Living Beauty, and Tower Cancer Research Centers, Rhythmia Life Advancement Center, and Udaya Live yoga and wellness. He maintains a worldwide health and wellness coaching practice based in Ashland, Oregon USA.

Christo is certified in many energetic healing arts practices personal expression, growth and wellness including:

  • B.S. Therapeutic Recreation Penn State University
  • Certified Tama-Do tm Practitioner (Sound/Color/Movement therapy)
  • Certified REMO Health Rhythms tm Drum Circle Facilitator
  • Certified Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Reconnective Healing tm Practitioner
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner
  • Institute for Shamanic Studies initiate & practitioner

For more information: www.vitalizeharmonize.com

VITALIZE and HAMONIZE Coaching offers comprehensive personalized strategies to create your optimum wellness lifestyle.  V and H coaching includes:

  • Assessment and testing, clarifying your personal vision
  • Creating attainable goals and objectives
  • Facilitating action steps and accountability

Additional holistic self-healing techniques and strategies include:

  • Meditation and Visualization techniques for concentration and focus

Vitalize Harmonize Health Coaching provides health and wellness coaching services across Bowie MD, Ashland, Yreka, White City, Shady Cove, and Grants Pass.