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Christo Pellani has been an instructor and health coach at Magnolia House for over 5 years and has created a really special space to heal, calm, re-energize, and so much more. Prior to COVID he facilitated in person offerings which at the time I would not imagine could be replaced online. He masterfully transitioned classes to the online platform, and it has been a gift to our community. Words from one of the participants in the class describes Christo’s magic best, “ an incredibly versatile health coach, teacher, world-class musician, and is certified in Qi Gong and several other healing arts modalities. He also happens to be a an unfailingly kind and generous human being, who wants nothing more than to provide healing and be of service for those of us in who are lucky enough to be in his classes. I wish there was more of him every month!”

Kelli Sargent

Deputy Director, Tower Cancer Research Foundation

Within the space that Christo Pellani holds is direct access to healing union and collaborative co-creativity. Open to the organic unfolding, a natural experience evolves and gives birth to the vibration of pure love. It is an honor and a gift to share healing space with Christo.

Quincy Coleman

Christo Pellani is a master of sound and energy healing, and personal development. I experienced his health coaching protocol for over a year and found his method and approach to be absolutely life changing. His work and techniques integrate body, mind, emotion, and spiritual aspects of healing and transformation. As a result, I was able to release long trapped emotions, and experience a tangible sense of freedom from past trauma. I highly recommend Christo as a health coach to assist in breaking limited patterns and false beliefs and realize yourself as a conscious creator of your healthy life. His vast wisdom of ancient knowledge and healing sciences combined with his lifetime study of sound and energy healing, creates a unique and powerful modality to help realize your unlimited potential.

Brandee Sabella

I have known Christo Pellani for over 30 years. As a social work colleague, we worked together providing srvices to adults with developmental disabilities. I watched Christo work with focus and presence. He provided each of his clients with personal goal setting skills and more importantly, a belief in themselves, their abilities, and their unique value. I was also fortunate enough to experience Christo’s health coaching and healing arts skills. I have participated in his Qi-Gong classes as well as Sound and Energy healing treatments. Always focused and present, Christo has a gift and expertise that is a definite cut above others in these fields. He has been a key factor in my physical and emotional healing and well being. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Christo and I highly recommend him as a health coach and healer.

Nancy Trapani, MA

I have been attending Christo Pellani's Harmonize and Vitalize: Qi Gong and Sound /Energy Healing classes monthly for over 2 years now and I love his unique Health Coaching method of combining the ancient practice of Qi Gong with sound and energy healing. Not only are his classes unique but Christo is a sincere loving man who radiates goodness. You are in good hands with Christo. His work has many benefits (you are less stressed after his classes for sure) and I consider it an important pillar of my self care.  Yours in good health,

Katie Rampen

Breast Cancer Recovery Advocate

What did you do for me? I had a wonderful, calm, peaceful trip. It is as if I brought the peace and tranquility of Maui with me. I feel connected to that something that I’m always hoping to “ reel” myself in with. This is the first time where I have felt all of me being in one place, if you know what I mean. I will definitely do the meditation soon so as to keep this connection. Many thanks to you and INFINITE BLESSINGS!!

Judy Walker

Thank you again for the two powerful healing sessions. Your knowledge and skills, your presence and compassion and your powerful intuitive channeling was the best I could have asked for. During that sensitive transitional period, in spite of my own knowledge and skills in this field, I could have not released and healed so intensely without your support. Only a powerful healer such as yourself could have created that space.


We thank you!! You added a whole new dimension to the skills of our staffing of the retreat this year, and to all of the kids’ lives that were smart enough to choose the drum circle as one of their activities.

Rochelle Ginsburg

I've known Christo since I first took his Qi Gong/ Sound Healing class in March 2022, and I was immediately hooked! He teaches two different alternating classes every two weeks in a cancer support community that I’m part of in Southern California. (Although w/ Zoom, the classes can be attended from anywhere.) Many people claim to be “healers” but Christo actually has decades of experience and multiple energy healing certifications behind his work as a healing practitioner and health coach. He is not only Qi Gong master and a world-class professional musician, but has studied other modalities as well, so his blend of healing is creative, multi-layered and textured. (My favorite is his sound healing which is almost otherworldly for me in its impact.) Add to that the fact that Christo is a genuinely kind, caring, intelligent and generous soul, and you have a very unique healing experience! As I am not only a cancer survivor, but suffer from PTSD, I’ve found Christo’s classes to be deeply and profoundly healing in my body, mind and heart. I try very hard to never miss a class. I’m so grateful to have found Christo, and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Liane Langland

Working with Christo the past five years has been a transformative life experience. He is highly professional, compassionate, and very intuitive. Christo has the gift of healing evidenced by his effective range of holistic and integrative healing modalities utilized to help me feel supported and empowered. I highly recommend his Health and Healing Coaching services! Thank you for everything Christo.

Yvonne Lewis

I have known the incomparable Christo Pellani for several years and have benefited from his vast experience and trustworthy guidance as a health coach with different protocols. Christo brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Health Coach, musician, spiritual guide, and physical healer using a unique blend of energy and sound. I always feel better, invigorated and more in touch with myself after a session with Christo. So of course, I keep coming back. If you have an opportunity to attend one of Christo’s powerful health coaching sessions, I highly recommend doing so.

Cathy Baker

Health and Safety Commissioner, City of Beverly Hills 2023

Christo is a master of his health coaching craft. He expertly guided the women with cancer that we support through various group sessions involving a healing blend of sound, qi gong and meditation. The participants returned week after week to reap the benefits of his knowledge and guidance. We are truly grateful to have had Christo as part of our Living Beauty family and highly recommend his services to complement your healing wellness journey.

Indyra Flores

Program Director, The Foundation for Living Beauty

I own a yoga studio in Chatsworth, California. I met Christo Pellani about 6 years when he was facilitating monthly drum circles for cancer recovery patients. I was attracted to his up-beat personality and his ability to create a cohesive group healing environment. I witnessed him use his well developed talents as a drummer, musician and healer offering gentle guidance to help the group lift in spirit to achieve a higher level of hope and confidence in their own ability to heal. His rare combination of talents led me to invite him in to my sangha in Chatsworth. He offered many health and healing programs with drumming, sound and energy healing, and Qi Gong movement that created a truly somatic healing experience. He and I also worked together offering healing modalities using both sound and gentle somatic yoga practices to create an opportunity for the participants to experience personal health and well-being. I highly recommend Christo as a health coach and healer with the highest integrity and great passion for the work that he does and the people he does it for. It has always been a pleasure to work and play creatively with him.

Kimberly Freesh

Director, Out Back Yoga

Christo Pellani’s class with Magnolia House is one that I try to never miss. I have worked with Christo for three years now and have found his process very helpful. He is kind and understanding, a great communicator, and a wonderful health coach. Christo is very knowledgable in various healing modalities, and is highly trained in ancient and Eastern practices. The Qi Gong exercises always leave me feeling better and more energized, and the visualization and vocalization energy clearing techniques for the body, including each major organ, are highly effective for treating anxiety and always lead to my feeling lighter and calmer. I have also found that the meditation, along with the journaling and self-reflection technique, which encourages focusing on one’s positive attributes, contribute to more feelings of positivity and wellbeing. In addition, the sound healing feature that we always conclude with, including Christo’s unique mix of instruments and sounds, is deeply relaxing and wonderful. I am so grateful that Christo has been a major part of my healing journey over the last three years, and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The work he does is truly special and invaluable.

Teresa Sampson

Christo Pellani is a phenomenal sound healer and health coach who works magic in utilizing harmonic sounds and rhythms to address healing. Using an impressive techniques with an array of exotic instruments including percussive instruments, sound bowls, woodwinds and gongs. He creates an energy field that provides a space and immerses participants in a relaxed sanctity. Christo’s sound and energy healing work has been an integral part of our community group presentations for over 14 years, during which I’ve witnessed the results of his ability to motivate groups, both large and small, to engage in these positive healing experiences. As an expressive therapist, he is, quite simply, amazing.

Denise Hamilton

Co-Creator and Director RACE RELAY Initiative

Christo Pellani has been artistic collaborator, musical director, class and workshop accompanier, fellow ceremonialist and dear friend of mine for over twenty years. Christo’s many energy healing certifications and study of sacred sound, energy healing and his apprenticeship with Fabien Maman,( creator of the Tama-Do Academy , innovator and original pioneer of modern “sound healing,” ) makes him a uniquely qualified facilitator of health and well-being. He combines excellent techniques, communication skills, reliability, flexibility, improvisational genius and humility.

I also know Christo as a highly experienced social worker and master health coach and have seen and heard him in action as a kind, effective and beloved teacher director and mentor to people with cancer, and disabilities.

Fred Sugerman

Founder and Director, Medicine Dance

Vitalize Harmonize Health Coaching provides health and wellness coaching services across Bowie MD, Ashland, Yreka, White City, Shady Cove, and Grants Pass.