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Thank you for your interest in my music.  All of these recordings are recorded entirely with acoustic instrumentation and natural ambient sounds.  Each has a specific focused intention. 

My music can be found on all streaming and download music Platforms including: 



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The Soundscape Pyramids Music Series for Wellness offers a unique and powerful listening experience. I create these soundscapes using all acoustic instruments combined with natural elemental sounds. The compositions combine various world drumming and percussion styles with acoustic ambient sounds, rattles and shakers, flutes and ocharinas, monochords and harps, crystal and metal toning bowls, chimes and gongs, and vocal chanting.

Each CD represents a type of journey where the music reflects and enhances a specific thematic intention. I invite you to experience SOUNDSCAPE PYRAMIDS music for healing arts practices, yoga and movement classes, or for meditation, healing, and relaxation.

**Some of the compositions use the technology of brain wave Entrainment or “Isochronic beats” for enhancing consciousness states.

My music can be found on all streaming and download music Platforms including: SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / I HEART RADIO / AMAZON MUSIC / PANDORA / YOU TUBE MUSIC  and Others.


Isochronic beats promote brain wave activity that match or entrain to specific frequencies, helping the user relax, focus, or fall asleep, depending on the specific intention. The brain wave frequencies correspond with either gamma (heightened focus), beta (focus), alpha (calm alertness), theta (deep relaxation and creativity), or delta (deep sleep) frequency waves. Ongoing research confirms there is evidence that these frequencies can help ease anxiety and treat insomnia. Learn more about this exciting technology by contacting me.

Much can be said about the use of music for healing as an ancient practice in many cultures. For example, The Greeks recognized  Apollo as the patron of both music and medicine. In Asia and India music is fundamental in accompaniment to meditation and supporting healing arts practices. Music and drumming are routinely associated with sacred ceremonies and rituals.

Current research on music for wellness absolutely acknowledges the power of music to influence well being, providing evidence for music as a healing modality. Music provides a very effective treatment to improve mental and emotional states. Music can assist in deepening meditation and calm relaxation, deep sleep and pain relief, creativity and focus, and managing stress and anxiety.

Relaxation and Sleep


Music has shown to significantly increase theta  (4-8 cps) and alpha (8-12 cps) brain wave activity. Music can promote delta consciousness (3-7cps) a deeper relaxed state to assist at the onset of sleep. To learn more about brain wave activity consciousness and how it impacts wellness, get in touch today.

Pain Management and Healing


There is currently a great deal of interest and practices in the many ways that certain types of music can be instrumental to assist  in relieving pain, thus allowing the body to heal more effectively.

Focus and Creativity


Anecdotal evidence would indicate that the right study environment, including the right kind of music for focus, is useful for promoting learning and memory. Now there is research to confirm this idea.

Manage Stress and Anxiety


Research has also shown that blood flows more easily when certain music is played. It can also reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels and boost serotonin, dopamine (feel good hormones) and endorphin levels in the blood. Music can absolutely elevate mood.

**As noted in the New York Times article,

“Music is the Best Medicine,”

music therapy is already being effectively used in numerous ways with patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression, cancer, and dementia. As neuroscience and brain research accelerates,

As neuroscience and brain research accelerates, there is a growing understanding of music’s impact on the brain, as well as a greater recognition of the vast untapped potential in the use of sound as a healing modality. To that end, the National Institutes for Health has joined with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts on an initiative called Sound Health, with the goal of exploring and researching the interaction of music with the brain and the use of music as medicine.

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