Elevate Your Well-Being with My Comprehensive Services

My Services Include Holistic Individual And Group Health And Wellness Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Classes And Retreats.

I provide Virtual, Phone and In Person sessions based on availability and specific scheduling concerns. I facilitate a unique method blending results based, personalized coaching strategies with experiential Sound, Energy, and Therapeutic Movement healing techniques. Ready to re-power and transform your well-being?

  Get In Touch today to integrate self healing support strategies for stress, diet, and weight management, fatigue, brain fog, and inflammation mitigation, and more. Your successful journey to vitality and harmony begins here! The BEST HEALTH care is SELF care!

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Holistic Transformation

Experience holistic wellness that encompasses your mind, body, and spirit, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Stress Relief

Learn effective stress management techniques to regain peace and clarity in your daily life.

Weight Wellness

Achieve and maintain your ideal weight with personalized guidance and support.

Anxiety Mastery

Conquer anxiety and regain control of your life through proven strategies and holistic healing methods.

My Services

Individual Sessions


Join me to co-create an effective results based personalized wellness partnership. I clarify your vision, help set achievable goals, provide consistent follow up support, and celebrate your victories. Face-to-face sessions use various cutting edge tools, including charts, blog posts, journaling, progress tracking, latest research articles, and online resources.

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Group Sessions


Join like-minded individuals for results-based group sessions. Define group objectives and goals with achievable action steps tailored to each unique group.

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Workshops And Classes


Immerse yourself in unique virtual and in-person events and classes. Experiential content includes principles and techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Rhythm Culture and Drumming, and Tama-Do tm Sound, Color, and Energy Healing.

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Healing Services


Embark on sound and vibration adventures with Tama-Do tm techniques, combining color, sound, movement, energy healing techniques, rhythm, breath work, and visualization for enhanced energy flow awareness.

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Music For Healing


Explore the Soundscape Pyramids Music Series for Wellness. It features acoustic instruments and natural elemental sounds to enhance your healing arts practices, yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

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Vitalize Harmonize Health Coaching provides health and wellness coaching services across Bowie MD, Ashland, Yreka, White City, Shady Cove, and Grants Pass.