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Group Wellness Coaching

Group Sessions are facilitated using the same method as Individual sessions. The objectives and goals of each group are defined with achievable action steps. Each group has a unique profile, with tools and resources applicable to the group.

  • Tailored Wellness: I create a customized plan and strategy with you to clarify your wellness vision and set achievable goals.
  • Collective Growth: Benefit from the power of a group setting where everyone supports and motivates each other.
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  • Shared Objectives: Goals are tailored to each group's unique profile and needs, ensuring relevance.
  • Resource Variety: Access tools and resources catering to group dynamics and interactions.
  • Expert Facilitation: I guide and facilitate your group's journey to wellness.
  • Accountability and Support: Group members hold each other accountable while providing unwavering support.
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Vitalize Harmonize Health Coaching provides health and wellness coaching services across Bowie MD, Ashland, Yreka, White City, Shady Cove, and Grants Pass.